Q&A with Our Guests: A Little Weekend Getaway

Recently, we had a wonderful couple from the Burlington County area of New Jersey stay with us for the perfect little weekend getaway. Jessica and John visited the Finger Lakes in July and chose our Micro-Cabins as the perfect home base for exploring the region. Even better yet, they shared videos of their time with us that we couldn’t wait to post!


We asked if they’d want to do a little Q&A with us that we could share and thankfully, they said “yes!” Here’s what Jessica had to say about her stay with FLX Escape Vacation Rentals

Q: Why did you decide to escape to the Finger Lakes? Have you been here before or was this your first time?

My goal is to visit 3 states every year within the United States! People always rave about upstate New York and the Finger Lakes -- I figured this isn’t too far from home where we could make it a weekend getaway!

This was our first time visiting— and though it rained quite a bit, it did not ruin my experience at all! My only regret is that I wish I had made the vacation longer, I feel like there’s so much to do and see in the Finger Lakes and 3 days was only a taste. I plan to come back! 

Q: You came with your husband; can you tell us a little more about the two of you. How did you meet, how long have you been together? What’s your love story?

My husband and I have been together for going on 13 years now. We had crossed paths at the beach when a mutual friend had introduced us. We didn’t say much to each other at all at first but I knew I needed to get to know this man.

I told my friend how gorgeous I thought my (now) husband is and how I already loved him and he thought I was nuts! Hahaha so nothing really came of it on that day but when we came home from the beach, the following day Justin found me on Facebook and reached out.  Only to discover he lives in my town just a couple blocks away and was just skateboarding at the train station (where I live 2 houses away).

Immediately, I got off of Messenger and walked myself to the train station to hang out with him one on one. We’ve been together ever since! 

Q: Were you celebrating anything special while you were here?

We weren’t celebrating anything in particular but it did fall on a holiday weekend! It was awesome that Danielle had suggested the fireworks show and tips on when to get there to beat the traffic :) 

Q: What made you choose to stay with us? 

I wanted something private and I love the idea of staying in a tiny cabin; it was very local to the things I wanted to explore such as Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen State Park, wineries, downtown, etc.!

When I saw the pictures on Airbnb, I fell in love with the big window in the cabin and the tranquil vibe it gave off. I’m so happy I went with the Micro-Cabin -- it was so peaceful and relaxing watching the pouring rain fall! 

My life is so busy with work and running around, it was so nice to stay somewhere that almost forced me to relax and ‘slow down’— if that makes sense! 

Q: When you weren’t at the property, what did you do? Where did you go? What did you explore? Did you find any hidden gems? Tell our future guests how they can make the most of their stays!

To be honest, your itinerary was amazing !! You provided almost —if not everything I could think of. I loved your Guidebook! (Host note: We provide a comprehensive guidebook to explore our region of the Finger Lakes when you stay with us!)

Our first day we visited Ryan William Vineyard! The food and the wine there was amazing! The second day we visited Watkins’s Glen State Park… so many beautiful waterfalls and scenic views (though heavily trafficked)!

We went downtown to explore and found a delicious Mexican place called El Rancho Mexican Restaurant, the food was authentic and delicious! We ended up eating so much - we put ourselves in a food coma (haha) and missed the firework show you had suggested! (But still greatly appreciated you gave us the suggestion!)

The third day we went kayaking on Seneca Lake which is by far the largest lake I have encountered in my 30 years of living! The water was so pretty and blue and it was so awesome to go out on the water.

We then went to Eagle Cliff Falls at Havana Glen— I consider this my hidden gem! This was so beautiful and had way less people. The waterfall was huge and very serene!

Q: When you were on the property, what did you do? What was fun? What did you enjoy about the cabin (interior and exterior)?  

We did a lot of relaxing on the property! From staying in and watching the rain fall from the big window to sitting outside and listening to the birds sing!

We enjoyed drinking wine out of our glasses on the big chairs on the deck and sharing conversations. I also enjoyed waking up early and drinking my coffee and listening to the sounds of nature… we also attempted to do a campfire one night and we did have a good time with the grill!

Q: How did it feel to be on property? We feel that all of our properties have a vibe. Did you experience that too? What was it? What was it like for you?

The property is sooo soo relaxing and cozy. I would say very tranquil. I was convinced if I didn’t have to work for the rest of my life, I could definitely spend my days living in this cabin! Hahah. It’s a perfect vacation spot.

I just loved getting away from my busy life and going somewhere just “simple”. It had all the basics we needed to just enjoy each other and the property!


Q: When you’re ready to escape to the Finger Lakes again, what do you plan to do, see, explore?

Yes! There’s so many things to do in the Finger Lakes, it’s hard to just narrow it to a few. I think I would want to explore more wineries, as my husband and I do enjoy trying new wine!

I would love to picnic at Seneca Lake and explore the area more. See more waterfalls and hike more trails. I’m also a big outdoorsy person.

Q: Is there anything you would like us, or upcoming guests, to know?

I would highly recommend this cabin for a vacation destination. It brings you peace and comfort and tranquility. It’s super romantic for couples and provides so many places to see and things to do!

If you would like to experience a micro-cabin stay like Jessica and John did at the FLX Escape Vacation Rentals, pick a cabin and book your stay HERE