Organic + Natural Craft Teas by Apolis Tea

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Apolis Tea was founded by Audrey Paule & Alex Page, two cuties from Alaska. Why did we pick Apolis Tea for our rentals? Because of their flavor and craftsmanship. Their craft is in the blending and sourcing of the finest tea leaves and natural and organic flavorings and ingredients. They are tea masters! 

Here is a selection of teas that we feature in our rentals and others that we just love from Apolis. Each jar contains 15 biodegradable pyramid tea bags. 

Vanilla Chai: Flavor: cardamom, spices, vanilla. A hearty blend of traditional chai spices in a base of organic black teas with just a touch of creamy vanilla to round it out. Excellent black, with milk or over ice!

Sweet Cream Earl Grey: Flavor: vanilla, cream, citrus. They fused bright citrusy bergamot with creamy vanilla and just a touch of orange blossom in this black tea blend to create a totally different cup of Earl Grey. Think of it as Earl Grey with creamy vanilla blended through it. 

Earl Grey: Flavor: brisk, juicy, citrus. For the Earl Grey purists, this organic Earl Grey really showcases fantastic bergamot oil. It is cold pressed from organic Italian bergamots, sweet and juicy. The tea brews a bright coppery-red cup that is balanced and flavorful with a brisk finish.

English Breakfast: Flavor: traditional, jam, grain, smooth. A wholly different sort of breakfast tea from Irish Breakfast. This blend has no Assam but a base of Yunnan instead. It is smooth with a thick jammy flavor and a bright finish with notes of grape skin. Excellent black or with milk.

Blackberry Bergamot: Flavor: ripe blackberry, citrus, tart. This organic house blend of black teas combines juicy, ripe blackberries with the bright citrus flavor of cold-pressed bergamot oil. Excellent with milk and sugar; delicious hot; and show stopping over ice. 

Peach Pie: A blend of organic black teas with the warm flavor of gooey baked peaches and just the tiniest hint of cinnamon. Excellent black or with a splash of milk. Blended with 80% organic ingredients.

Strawberry Fields: A lush, fruity blend made specifically for iced tea with red, ripe strawberries plus the juicy flavor of cantaloupe & a just a whiff of spearmint. Unique and refreshing iced but excellent hot too!

Why Mark loves it? I'm a coffee guy, so tea isn't my jam, but I know how good it is by how much Danielle likes it. She's always searching for the perfect cup and when she found Apolis, her search ended; she found the best!

Why Danielle loves it? Tea is my jam! Every morning starts with English Breakfast and every night ends with an Earl Grey or Vanilla Chai from Apolis.