I'll Take Two!

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Yay! One is good, two is even better! You’ll adopt TWO living, producing maple trees.

Your adoption begins with:

  • An e-adoption certificate with a picture of your tree with its ID # and personalized tree marker for both trees.
  • 3 tree-mail (aka email) updates (when your trees were tapped, how they're performing mid-season, and an end of harvest report).
  • Recognition as a supporter on our website. You rock!
At the end of the harvest season, you'll also receive: 
  • TWO 375 ml bottles of maple syrup and the TWO spouts from your trees that will ship before June, 2024.
  • Two 4 oz. boxes of yummy maple candy.
  • Two 1 lb. containers of delicious maple sugar.
  • Two 8 oz. jars of Maple Cream, a creamy maple spread (think peanut butter but made from 100% pure maple), it's so good you could eat it just with a spoon! 
  • Two 24 oz. containers of our favorite Finger Lakes pancake mix.
  • Two of our signature Grouse Hill Maple Farm mugs.
  • As a thank you for supporting our farm, you'll also receive 10% off lodging at any of our 6 properties that can be used for one stay any time in 2024.

Please note:

  • Shipping of your goods after the season is not included in the price.