Stagg [XF] Set by Fellow

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Ready to pour? Coffee bean to water ratio is one of the key steps to sipping on that perfect cup of coffee. Using the Stagg [XF] Dripper Set by Fellow is an easy way to get it perfect, every time. 

Whether you’re a coffee expert or novice, the Stagg [XF] Dripper Set will help you consistently brew the perfect cup. Use the ratio aid to ensure the right amount of coffee, every time. Pour and go with the Stagg [XF] “fill up” method. [XF]’s tall column gives you more room for the non-traditional “fill-up” method which combines the ease of immersion brewing and the great taste of the pour-over.

Why Mark loves it? The ratio aid (aka dots on the column) make it so easy to measure and pour the perfect cup. 

Why Danielle loves it? I'm a tea girl, so when I make a cup of coffee for Mark, this little gadget makes it super easy to make him the perfect sip.